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How It Works

Today, industry professionals must view a vehicle history report and manually adjust the valuation depending on the vehicle’s historical events.
This manual adjustment is unscientific and often leads to reduced profit and increases in risk and losses. To offer more precise VIN specific valuations Black Book and JD Power have acquired vehicle history report (VHR) data.

Our data science team has created a model that provides a History Adjusted Valuation based on the VHR.

History Adjusted Valuations gives our customers a competitive advantage by offering a precise VIN specific value; reducing risk and enabling faster decisions.

A proprietary algorithm that used historical, behavioral, and marketing engagement data to help dealerships to identify a Prospect’s interest based on their interactions with their marketing assets.

The score ranges from 1-10. The higher the score, the more likely a Prospect is to move forward in the sales process.

Audience IQ™ is a proprietary technology built to help business automate their omni-channel marketing using first party and 3rd party audiences. Clients can track each click, conversion, call or sale in near-real time by integrating their databases or CRMs.

We’re experts at helping dealerships across the country get better results through omni-channel marketing.

Our strategies are fully customized and aligned to each client’s individual goals and our marketing campaigns are designed to focus on driving success in every profit center.
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