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We have extended our show special! Don't miss out on the chance to demo the industry's newest automotive marketing platform, Audience IQ and learn about our custom audience marketing programs Omni-Connect and Drive. Each completed demo will receive a $50 AMEX Gift Card for your time!*

Our Services
We're the experts at creating Dynamic Direct Mail, Email and Digital marketing solutions for all Tiers of the automotive industry.
Personalized Email Marketing

Target a custom database or conquest audience with the right message in their virtual inbox.

Targeted Direct Mail

Target ready-to-buy prospects in your PMA with personalized direct mail.

Facebook Advertising

Ramp all data to Facebook and look-a-like audiences generated from Facebook in-market data.

Dynamic Video

Utilizing video to target custom-audience prospects based on all marketing engagement and in-market look-a-likes.

Personalized Microsites

Engage with customers utilizing Personalized URL technology, providing a customized experience for each individual.

IP/Device ID Match Remarketing

Capture Identity information of prospects who engage with your websites.

SMS Marketing

Receive text message leads from your prospects and text them back personalized trade-value, credit approval, service or sweepstakes offers.

BDC Outreach

Have a trained BDC team make calls on your behalf to ready-to-buy prospects and schedule sales and service appointments before the marketing even hits homes.

Data Hygiene

Eliminate up to 36% waste in your marketing with our seven step data-hygiene process and target ready-to-buy audiences with personalized messages.


Connecting Custom Audiences to Inventory through Personalized Omni-channel marketing campaigns which include:

+ Interactive Email
+ Direct Mail
+ SMS Text
+ Personalized Microsites
+ Facebook + Instagram
+ YouTube, OTT + CTV

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Get a $50 AMEX Gift Card when you complete a 20 Minute Demo of Audience IQ and find out how you can eliminate up to 36% of your marketing waste and increase ROAS in 2020!

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