A Revolutionary Identity Resolution Technology

Create a frictionless marketing future for your website visitors by learning more about Recapture 3.0; a marketing technology that is revolutionizing the automotive marketing space!

Recapture 3.0’s Identity Device Graph dynamically maps over 225M US and Canadian households, offices and their devices, including laptops, desktops, tablets, smartphones and CTV. 

Recapture 3.0 does this across changing cookies, cookie less, mobile apps, MAID-less, CTV, operating systems, changing IPs and geolocations. Powered by its signature Central Data Platform Audience IQ, Recapture 3.0 offers a suite of solutions specifically designed for the demise of the third-party cookie and MAID, which enable cross-app, cross-site and cross-device targeting and attribution in a privacy friendly fashion.

Leveraging +20B online signals every 24 hours and over 15B email open and log-in events every month, Recapture 3.0 can create and maintain an accurate real-time map of devices, their users’ identities, and the relations amongst the devices. 

Our patented proprietary solution combines deterministic based probabilistic graph with identity ranking based deterministic graph to create an absolute custom approach and offers for customers.

Recapture 3.0’s real-time graph guarantees you receive the most accurate up-to-date information available anywhere. Recapture 3.0’s graph accuracy is 92%-97%, measured deterministically with 4 million different samples every 24 hours.

Recapture 3.0’s Identity Device Graph solution is in line with the online advertising industry standards and in compliance with applicable requirements, including CCPA. Originating from the people that invented and evangelized Ad Choices, privacy is in Recapture 3.0’s DNA.

How do we use this data?

By simply opening your inventory and allowing the powerful Recapture 3.0 identity device graph to aggregate all the active shoppers into a single Recapture 3.0 Person ID database, while also returning your partner SSP and DSP IDs when you are missing such IDs.

Recapture 3.0 supports third party cookie and cookie less environments, such as Safari and the future Chrome making it easy for Recapture to retarget active website shoppers that have not yet converted with personalized marketing journeys including email, direct mail, social media, Display, online video, CTV and OTT.

Integration is simple. 3-5 days from contract to lead generation.

Business impact?

Immediate results, driven by having more SSP and DSP IDs associated with your ad space when you do not have them, along with the Recapture 3.0 ID.

  • Lift your website conversions up to 35%
  • Lift your sale through rates by 60%
  • Increase your marketing efficiency by 15%-20%
  • Eliminate bot traffic and up to 15% of wasted ad dollars
  • Sell an incremental 15-50 units per month from active shopper audiences

For example:

If 60% of your inventory today is associated with an ID, we should be able to increase it to 80%. We are not “reinventing the wheel”, we are “just” linking more of your active website shoppers to identity.

We are providing actionable identity data that we can market to and measure all marketing engagement back to attribution.

Wow, and the cost?

Recapture 3.0 has a no risk all reward guarantee. Clients must see at least $3:$1 front end gross profit ROI on our base marketing solution in the first 90 days or we will give 100% of their advertising investment back.

Packages start at $3,495 and some clients spend as much as $16,500 based on the identity data they can collect.

Sounds too good to be true. How come I’ve never heard of you guys?

We are a deep mar tech shop, Atlanta-based, with over dozen granted patents across our properties, and we power some of the largest publicly traded and privately-owned automotive groups and marketing agencies that we are sure you have heard of, with our white-labeled solutions.

We are focused on developing innovative data-driven marketing solutions that all track back to sales and service attribution and we let the results speak for themselves.

Download a recently published Recapture 3.0 case study here or schedule a no-obligation Recapture demo here.

Author: Eric Mercado, President/Co-Founder of WeDrive Automotive.