Case Study: Starling Chevrolet

Client Goal

In April 2019, Starling Chevrolet reached out to Wedrive after hearing about our success with multiple similar sized Chevrolet dealers at a dealer 20 group meeting.

After brief discovery call, Wedrive was able to identify that Starling Chevrolet had a goal to increase new car sales by 30 incremental units a month to close out the quarter; while taking in quality trade-ins.

The primary focus profit center was new car sales due to the store missing its new car sales goal the previous six months.

Starling had tried direct marketing previously with other vendors and didn’t see any lifts in showroom traffic or overall sales so General Manager Jorge Magluda was skeptical of making the investment.

After seeing some campaign results from comparable sized Chevrolet dealers, Jorge pulled the trigger on Wedrive’s multi-channel marketing proposal for May and June.

“Once I saw the Audience IQ platform, and my Wedrive rep showed me real-time results from other similar sized Chevrolet dealers; the decision was easy” said Magluta.

Starling Chevrolet of St. Cloud goal recap:

  • Increase New car sales by 30 units per month to close quarter
  • Increase late model used car inventory
  • Increase captive owner service revenue

Targeted Audience

Wedrive used Audience IQ; a proprietary marketing automation technology to identify the top sales and service zip codes for Starling Chevrolet of St. Cloud.

Wedrive identified that there was a large amount of captive Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Domestic vehicle owners in these zips that were in our conquest trade-cycle segment.

  • Conquest late model GM Vehicle Owners
  • Within target Top-Sales & Service zips
  • Opt-in Auto-intender emails

With over 42,000 prospects available, Wedrive designed a 60 day campaign where each prospect would receive personalized marketing communications from Starling Chevrolet of St. Cloud.

Campaign Channels

Each prospect received three channels of communication including a personalized letter featuring a variable embossed credit card and offers for their trade-in.

Within 1 day of direct mail delivery each prospect received a personalized email with a link to a personal microsite with variable upgrade offers specific to the vehicle in inventory with the highest likelihood of them upgrading to.

Finally, each customer who opened the email, or visited the personalized microsite received a text message with an additional offer for their trade-in to increase response rates and user engagement.

  • Personalized letter with detachable embossed card, Personal URL integration and SMS short code 
  • Personalized email with upgrade offer link
  • Personalized response text with additional offer

Campaign Outcome

Over 60 days, Starling Chevrolet was able to generate over 1,200 leads from phone calls, personal URL form-fills, text messages and email responses from the campaign.

118 of these leads turned into new car and used car sales matches, with an additional 2,082 customers servicing their vehicles at the dealership in the same period of time.

Magluta said “This is one of the best responses I have seen with any direct marketing campaign I have done in my career!”