Increase Lead Conversion with These Automated Marketing Campaign Strategies

Recently, Eric Mercado, the President of WeDrive Automotive sat down with CBT news to discuss the early success WeDrive is seeing with direct marketing automation and personalization. Watch the full interview below. 

Monday, September 9th, 2019

According to recent studies by Invesp, automated marketing campaigns, on average, increase sales productivity by 14.5 percent, with 77 percent of automation users reporting an increase in lead conversions. However, by customizing this smart technology even further, your dealership can provide highly personalized experiences for customers, and bring in even more leads. Recently we sat down with Eric Mercado, president of WeDrive Automotive, to discuss this idea in more detail.


WeDrive is a personalized direct marketing company that uses more than 30 combined registration, demographic, psychographic, and behavioral data partners to identify, profile, and market to ready-to-buy customers. The WeDrive Automotive team provides personalized marketing communications services to dealerships, dealer groups, Tier II ad associations, and OEMs across North America, and leads the industry when it comes to direct marketing efficiency and innovation. Learn more about WeDrive at