Easy as 1.2.3 Campaign

Direct Mail, PURL Microsite, SMS Messaging, Facebook and Video

During this challenging time, a creative marketing strategy makes all the difference !

WeDrive Automotive helps dealers increase new car market share, used car sales volume, and service retention through personalized Omni-channel marketing campaigns targeting in-market shoppers.

Creative Samples

Click the images below to view the Easy as 1 .2 . 3 Campaign

  • Personalized Targeted Variable Letter
  • Personalized Mircro-Site with available upgrade opportunities
  • Local Tracking Phone Number
  • Matching Email Campaign to Double-Opt In Email Addresses in DMS
  • KBB or Black Book Value Appended Values
  • Increase response rates with our Text-to-Mobile Application
  • Customizable Service Coupons
  • Conquest Records Available