Summer Multi-Channel Campaigns

Direct Mail, PURL Microsite, SMS Messaging, Facebook and Video

It’s not too late to have a great summer at your dealership.

Let WeDrive Automotive give you a quick demo of our services, and start driving customers into your dealership.

Crush this Summer at your dealership

WeDrive Automotive helps dealers increase new car market share, used car sales volume, and service retention through personalized omni-channel marketing campaigns targeting in-market shoppers.

  • Personalized Targeted Variable Letter
  • Personalized Mircro-Site with available upgrade opportunities
  • Local Tracking Phone Number
  • Matching Email Campaign to Double-Opt In Email Addresses in DMS
  • KBB or Black Book Value Appended Values
  • Increase response rates with our Text-to-Mobile Application
  • Customizable Service Coupons
  • Conquest Records Available